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Battle for iCloud

All are probably already aware of the fact that Apple has launched a new service MobileMe, whose name is now iCloud. But as always, is the name of a company already owns, iCloud Communications. Actually, this company did not waste any time on little things and just filed for kupertinovskogo giant in court. And the lodge is for what. As it turned out, iCloud Communications sells VoIP equipment and the provision of the same kind of services since 2005. That is, it’s not fresh formation, which appeared suddenly out of nowhere in the hope of “cut” a little bit some money from Apple.

At the moment, though, the company is very aggressive. According to the suit filed from kupertinovtsev need to remove any mention of «iCloud», including all marketing materials. Also, if a VoIP-company wins the case, Apple will have to pay a damage iCC, to abandon the brand (which, incidentally, was purchased by Apple for quite legally). As a result, conditions are obtained simply fantastic. And finally Steve companions will likely just buy a small but very noisy group. What will happen to her then? And what will happen to its employees? This, apparently, depends only on the head and arrogance of their respective owners. Destruction at the root of Apple’s brand-building, perhaps, no one demanded it. We can only be reserved only popcorn and enjoy the show.

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