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AutoSEO on opencart : deadcow_SEO

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DeadCow SEO is the best auto-seo extension that I have come across. It generates seo keywords, meta_keywords,and tags for categories, manufacturers, and products in just one click. But the minor drawback is that it clears all the previous entries each time you generate and you have to manually generate each time you create new categories, manufacturers, and products.


Note: When installing deadCow none of your files get replaced/overwritten.

It’s a free extension and  available for versions: v1.4.7, v1.4.8, v1.4.8b, v1.4.9, v1.4.9.1, v1.4.9.2, v1.4.9.3, v1.4.9.4, v1.4.9.5, v1.5.0, v1.5.0.1, v1.5.0.2, v1.5.0.3, v1.5.0.4, v1.5.0.5, v1.5.1, v1.5.1.1, v1.5.1.2, v1.5.1.3

Download from extensions type deadcow SEO in search box to find – download the one with all the 5 stars.

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