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iPhone has grown to BlackBerry

Here comes the time that each user is waiting for BlackBerry from the output of the first iPhone. In iOS 5 there will be an interesting supplement to the Messaging applicaiton. Module called iMessage will provide an opportunity to chat to owners of the two devices running iOS. It does not matter which ones of devices, whether it is iPhone,…

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Jailbreak iOS 5 made within 24 hours

The hackers said they easily coped with combination locks in the latest version of Apple iOS, so now you can launch applications, not officially approved by the company. iOS 5 was submitted on Monday, and the beta version was available only limited number of developers. After several hours of team members iPhone Dev Team hackers posted photographs, which showed that…

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Malicious program DroidKungFu found on the Android platform

Computer researchers warn users of Android on another malicious campaign to this platform. At this time, the program managed to bypass traditional anti-virus filters. Researchers from the University of North Carolina have revealed at least two applications, malware infected DroidKungFu, in eight of Chinese shops and forums. This malicious program is largely due to Android 2.2, exploiting two vulnerabilities for…

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Electronic wallet Google: requires research

The new technology of mobile payments Google Wallet represents a step forward, say experts security, but it still has shortcomings that may make it vulnerable to attacks. New application for phones Android, submitted last week, stores payment information is encrypted. Encryption keys are stored in special hardware chip, known as the Secure Element. Products uses NFC (Wi-Fi connection, high short-range)…

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Future webOS: PCs, printers, phones and everything else

General manager, HP Leo Apotheker made some interesting statements about its the best platform for smartphones: webOS. For example, he had no objection Licensing webOS for other phone manufacturers – HTC, for example. Reaffirming its statement of webOS, HP plans to switch completely to webOS: “We will put it in the phones in our tablet TouchPad, the issue of which…

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Russian cryptographers deciphered iPhone 4

A group of Russian cryptographers from the company Elcomsoft has successfully cracked means hardware data encryption and specialized firmware in devices on the operating system iOS. Focusing primarily on corporate customers, Apple introduced a hardware-based encryption in the iPhone 3GS, later improve its support iOS 4. Cryptographic firmware allows assign access codes for the hardware encryption key information, thereby greatly…

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Symbian Phones – Nokias

If you are a Nokia User & Facing troubles with it then don’t worry I can help you figure out solution for Memory Boost & a lot more tools compatible with Symbian Memory Boost You need to take care of your internal & external memory. Heavy media files on your internal memory can cause the slowdown of your cell phone…

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