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JPublisher Support for Web Services Call-Ins to the Database

The following JPublisher features supports Web services call-ins to code running in the Oracle Database. Refer to Guide Oracle Database JPublisher JPublisher user for complete information. Generation of Java interfaces Styles and style files JPublisher REF CURSOR returning and result set mapping Options to filter what JPublisher publishes Support for calling Java classes into the database without specifications call PL /SQL Support for publishing SQL queries or DML Support for unique method names.

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Using the Database as Service Provider for Web Services

Web Services uses industry-standard mechanisms to provide easy access to remote content and applications, regardless of the provider’s platform, location, implementation, or data format. Client applications can query and retrieve data from Oracle databases and invoke stored procedures using standard web service protocols. There is no dependency on Oracle-specific database connectivity protocols. This approach is highly beneficial in heterogeneous, distributed, and…

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Database Web Services

Web services technology enables application-to-application interaction over the Web – regardless of platform, language, or data formats. The key ingredients, including XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, have been adopted across the entire software industry. Web services technology usually refers to services implemented and deployed in middle-tier application servers. However, in heterogeneous and disconnected environments, there is an increasing need to…

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Sometimes you need the ID just before it is generated. Here is a way to do that $result=mysql_query(“SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE ‘tablename’ “); if($result & mysql_num_rows($result)) { $row=mysql_fetch_assoc($result); $next_id=$row[‘Auto_increment’]; } else { die(“error”); }

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Battle for iCloud

All are probably already aware of the fact that Apple has launched a new service MobileMe, whose name is now iCloud. But as always, is the name of a company already owns, iCloud Communications. Actually, this company did not waste any time on little things and just filed for kupertinovskogo giant in court. And the lodge is for what. As…

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Oracle downplays risk vulnerabilities

Manufacturer of software for computer security AppSec announced that Oracle produces an inadequate assessment of vulnerabilities. According to researchers Application Security (AppSec), Oracle Corporation may enter into mislead consumers about the seriousness of some of the vulnerabilities discovered in its software. “Oracle likes to downplay the risk of vulnerabilities,” – said Alex Rozeker, Director of Research AppSec. “As a result,…

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